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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fave 5: Bible School Week

We had a wonderful time at bibleschool this past week. Here are my 5 favorites:

  1. seeing all the little faces

  2. watching as they created a story as they drawed pictures

  3. finding out that there were a few children that accepted salvation

  4. having a great time with church friends

  5. knowing that my children had a wonderful time

what were you 5 favorite things from this weeK? Why not create a list and share them on the blog Living to Tell the Story


  1. Bible school week is always a good week. Glad to hear it went well. :)

  2. I love VBS, I missed working at ours this year

  3. I love kids' faces, too. I have a sweet little neighbor that I love to spend time with since my own children are teenage and older. Glad you enjoyed VBS.


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