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Monday, March 23, 2009

Skin MD Review

Skin MD
Do you have dry skin? Weathered skin often comes from the cold dry winter but can also be related to medical conditions. I have dry skin because of the harsh winter weather but also because I am a diabetic. So when Skin MD came along you know I had to try it.
Skin MD is a skin care product that can heal dry skin and keep the ravages of time at bay. As hands age the natural oil seems to dry out of your hands leaving them ravaged and dry. Skin irritants are found in numerous areas of our daily life. Irritants which affect our skin seem to be growing in number with in the last fifty years. Irritants strip the protective barrier off of our skin and causes dry skin, eczema and other skin problems. Thus the need for a shielding lotion not only moisturizer came to pass.
In our daily life we will come in contact with shampoos, antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, among others daily penetrate our skin. The reality of this is that the harsh chemicals and irritants can break down the skin's natural protective oils. Lotion alone is not enough to beat these irritants because they are only meant to supplement the moisture that our bodies are loosing by adding moisture externally. Because many of the irritants are dissolved within the skin these lotions have no effect on them. Thus the need for Skin MD which has the ability to fight these inner irritants is useful.
Skin MD helps to prevent the loss of natural oils and moisture, does not allow irritating substances to penetrate the skin and absorbs the part of UV spectrum the contributes to premature skin ageing and development of skin cancer The question to me is how Skin MD could be done without? The qualities that Skin MD hold are great and useful.
A Doctor for Skin MD allows us a inside peek to exactly how Skin MD works:
By using a shielding lotion that bonds with the outer layer of your skin you can keep irritants out and moisture in. Because most moisturizers do not seal in the body's own moisture, they artificially lubricate the outer layers of skin. When they wear off, the lubrication is gone and the original dryness remains. Sometimes this process will draw out the body's natural moisture and contribute to the dehydration process," writes Dr. Peter Helton, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology.
"A conventional lotion is not formulated to protect the skin like a shielding lotion does. Conventional lotions only add surface moisture to temporarily alleviate the dryness or itching. Shielding lotions are an effective dry skin treatment because they bond with the skin and protect it for long periods of time. With this protection in place your skin keeps its own moisture in and has a chance to use this natural moisture in the deep layers of the skin to heal itself," states Dr. Lisa Benest, a board certified dermatologist of Burbank, CA.
"The secret to resolving dry skin is not only having enough moisture, but also having that moisture located where it can actually resolve a dry skin condition. The use of artificial moisturizers (conventional lotions) only mask dry skin symptoms, which can result in more dry skin, while a shielding lotion protects your skin, allowing your own natural moisture to heal the skin," states Dr.Helton.
So the next time that you are looking for that perfect lotion remember there is none that can do all that you need so try Skin MD instead

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