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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bath Luve Review

Bath time for babies is often one of the best times for the wee one and their mama. One of the most frustrating and worrisome problems of bathing a little one is that they will often get quite cold. What a relief it would be to know that there was something that could be done to help your little one stay warm. The Bath Luve is just that relief. The Bath Luve was created by a mother for mothers. The Bath Luve works by keeping the chills off of the little one allowing bath time to be kept a more relaxed experience.

Infant bathtubs often just contain a few inches of water barely covering the little ones back and leaves their chest and private parts exposed. This exposure leads to quite a chilling moment. The Bath Luve is created with love and using quality materials with the babies safety and comfort in mind. The Bath Love is constructed to cover the babies chest and private parts while bathing. By covering the exposed areas Bath Luve helps to create a cheerful experience for all.

Bath Luve is available in three adorable styles. The duck, fish or frog are all great looking with detailing so that the Bath Luve is not only useful but looks great as well. What a great experience bath time would be with a fun looking Bath Luve and no fear of getting a chill. A companion to the Bath Love the Bath Luve buddy helps to continously add warmth to the babies bath. The Bath Luve buddy can also be used as a bathing sponge and later as a great bath toy. The Bath Luve company also carries great terrycloth hooded towels and matching washcloths.

Buy: You can buy Bath luve by visiting the online site here

The Bath Luve products can also be found at Kohl's stores, Babies R Us, Baby Depots, and Another great thing about Bath Luve is the price. For between $6 to $10 the Bath Luve can be purchased.

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