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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joey Junior Purse Hanger

If you have visited my blog before or if you are a reader who comes by quite often you may of noticed that the makers of this great purse hanger also make the purse organizer that I raved about in an earlier post here. The Joey Junior team creates wonderful products that helps to make a ladies life easier. The Joey Junior Purse hanger is very versatile and can be used in many different areas of life.

Anything that can help make my life easier is definetly a friend of mine the Joey Junior Purse Hanger is a product that does just that. While small enough to be carried in your purse without bothering much else it does a very large job. Have you ever been in a public bathroom where you do not want to lay your purse on the floor either for reasons of safety or hygiene. The purse hanger slips out of your purse and hooks to the top of that door and hangs your purse in front of you safe and secure No need to worry.

The Joey Junior purse hanger is great looking as well which is great because you want anything to use to look as great as you do. The Joey Junior Purse hanger could even be used in your office if you have a place to hang the hook then you have a place to put your purse up and out of the way safe and secure with style. The face of the purse hooks resembles a sparkling crystal pretty and versatile as well. While the hook may look rather small it really packs a punch. The hook can hold up to seventeen pounds which is strong enough to hold your purse no matter what they say. Yes I have been told that I "carry everything including the kitchen sink" in my purse but the truth is the purse hook still holds it with ease.
Using The Purse Hook Is EASY

The Joey Junior Purse Hanger can be kept inside of your purse and takes up little room The hanger stays closed safe and secure until use is needed

When you are ready to use the Joey Junior Purse Hanger simply uncoil to wear the hanger is down . This step is done quickly and easily no special tricks needed here

And place the round, padded piece on the edge of the surface and hang your bag underneath. Now was that not simple? The Joey Junior Purse Hanger works great and will protect your purse right in front of you while your mind can be on more pressing subjects.

Buy: The great Joey Junior Purse Hanger can be ordered from there website here

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