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Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Iowa

This day in U.S. history::::
On December 28, 1846 the state of Iowa was admitted to the United States as the 29th state.

The state was first visited by two white explorers in 1673. Jolliet and Marquette were the first two white people to arrive in Iowa. They were travelling via canoe down the Wisconsin River towards the Mississippi River and stopped on Iowa June 25, 1673.

Explorers Robert Cavelier and Sieur de la Salle reached the mouth of the Mississippi River and claimed the entire region drained by the Mississippi for France. La Salle named the entire area Louisiana in honor of King Louis  XIV. However, in 1762 France would give control of the land west of Mississippi to Spain.

The Fox Indian tribe was in control of much of the land no matter who it belonged to In 1788 a French - Canadian Julien Dubuque was the first European settler to Iowa and was granted permission to mine lead in 1788. In following years hunters and trappers would settle there as well.

Iowa would change owners a few more times. First with Spain returning the land to France and then France selling the large area to the United States in 1803. You may have heard of the deal that took place between the U.S. and France it was known as the Louisiana Purchase. In addition, a famous expedition led by Lewis and Clark would lead the legendary Lewis and Clark Expedition through the area.

Iowa was first a part of Missouri when Louisiana became a state in 1812. It would be traders and hunters to bring people to the land in Des Moines, Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Iowa was considered Indian land and was closed to settlers entering. However when Missouri became a state in 1821 Iowa would become a territory to its self.

The U.S. government forced many Indians to move from where they were into the Iowa territory. Chief Black Hawk refused to move and thus started a war in 1832. The Native Americans would be defeated and would lose more territory in Iowa along the Mississippi River as well. It did not take long for white settlers to move into the territory that the Indians had lost. Iowa would become part of the Michigan territory in 1834. Eventually in 1838 the Territory of Iowa would be created.

The large territory included all of Iowa, most of Minnesota and 2/3 of North and South Dakota. The governor of this large territory proposed statehood in 1839 It however was rejected by those living in the state as a tax that would pay for all local officials was included in the deal. Statehood would be brought up a few more times each time trying to make adjustments so all were happy. In 1846 the state boundaries were accepted. Thus allowing a state constitution to be created.

Iowa was formerly admitted as a state to be part of the United States America December 28th 1846. President James Polk signed a bill admitting Iowa as the 29th state. The bill was adopted in 1857

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