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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Feast of the Holy Innocents

December 28th is the date of a feast known as the Feast of Holy Innocents. It may also be referred to as Childermas or Innocents' day. Western Christian churches celebrate the date of December 28 while Eastern churches celebrate the day on December 29. The feast of the Holy Innocents brings awareness to the terrible massacre of the children by King Herod when he attempted to kill the Baby Jesus.

The bible regards these children as the first martyrs. The day was possibly celebrated during epiphany in early days . Then in 5th century the day was created to stand alone and celebrated during a festival of remembrance. Rome celebrated the day of fasting and mourning. Later in 1962 the Roman Catholic calendar shared the date in red and if the date fell on Sunday this feast was commemorated on Sunday within the Octave of Christmas.

Pranks like those played on April Fool's Day take place on December 28th during the Feast of Holy Innocents in Spain, Hispanic America and the Philippines. The pranks in Spain are known as inocentadas and the victim of the prank inocentes or vice versa. The victims should not show anger as they have been saved from sin. Likewise, a tradition known as Els Enfarinats has the inocentadas dress up in full military dress and incite a flour fight.

Medieval customs of not working in any way that is not needed during the 'Innocents Day' as well as the day of the week that the day falls on. This continues the entire year. It was primarily the better half of the economic system that participated in this custom.

Take time in the light of this festival to make a list of children and young people you know in your own life who are living in darkness. Place the list where you will see it every day or perhaps in your bible. Commit to pray for them through the year. Pray the light of Christ will shine in their darkness and deliver them from evil.

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