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Friday, December 28, 2018

Be Safe No Drinking and Driving

As many of you who have read my post before know that I take a hard stance on drinking and driving I have had 2 family members and many friends who have been cut down and not allowed to live their lives. My uncle who was killed in his prime at the age of 16 and my cousin who returned from war to be hit and killed by a drunk driver. Both innocent lives taken away and missed by family dearly. Each year drunk driving crashes kill more than 10,000 people in America. Moreover we need to remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving

Having a few drinks while out may leave you feeling fine but still buzzed. You still get in the car and start to drive home. Perhaps you will make it as planned but you may face the consequences of drunk driving in a number of ways. Buzzed driving takes place all too often. Consequences of a crash, death, or jail time may be waiting for you. Perhaps you would like to change your mind and choose a designated sober driver.

Some feel that there is a magic number of drinks or hours that will help your blood alcohol level to go close to normal. The number is not the same for all as alcohol has many many factors that change your body. You do not have to be stumbling around to be under the influence. The legal blog level account is .08. Thus there is no safe amount of alcohol for any driver.

The best bet is to designate a sober driver ahead of time. Waiting until you have been drinking to see if you need a driver to take you home is too late. You may believe that you are "okay to drive" when you are not. It only takes one drink. It is best to make a plan. Here are some ideas what to do next time you go to a party:

  • leave your keys at home or give them to a friend
  • designate a sober driver who isn't drinking at all
  • tell others your intentions about driving and stick to the plan
  • do not drive buzzed even after just one drink. 
  • before the party make your choice to drink or drive

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