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Friday, December 28, 2018

Scientific Discovery---- The Planet Neptune

December 28th was a great day in science It was the day that the fourth planet of the solar system was discovered.

The name Neptune derives from the god of the Sea according to Roman mythology. The planet could not be seen simply with the human eye. While there had been planets discovered early on Neptune occured when scientist started to look into the Solar system in depth. Without numerous studies and astrological observations Neptune may not have been discovered.

The first scientist to notice Neptune was Galileo. He however, was mistaken when he assumed it was a fixed star. Alexis Bouvard was the French astrologer who first made the hypothesized about a planet. While making the discovery she noticed some motion irregularities. However, Bouvard did not officially make the discovery of Neptune.

The discovery of the planet Neptune was credited to two astrologers. John Couch Adams of Britain and Urbain Le Verreir of France. Building on a hypothesis they made calculations that led them to the planet discovery. The men had not worked together but independently but since the discoveries were so closely related in time the scientific community credited both men.

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