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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Play a Game of SlapJack

Play a game of Slapjack. While a great game to get the youngsters involved I love to play it with my grandkids as well  It is easy to learn with a simple concept and race to slap when the right card appears. Kids love the fun of this game and the interaction of the game leaves little chance that boredom sets in. 

Game set up:
Deal clockwise until all cards are gone. Cards should be held face down where no one can look at them.

Playing the game, by having each player draw a card from the top of their deck. Place card in center of the circle. Play continues til everyone has had a turn.

Object of game is to be the first to  "slap" the jack if it comes up. The rule is the first person who slaps the jack gets the cards in the pile to add to their own pile. However, if a player "slaps" a card incorrectly that player must give the top card in their pile to the player who offered up the card that was slapped. The card goes to the bottom of the deck.

Ending the game occurs when the player is out of cards. The person that ends up with all the cards is the winner.

Optional ending:
the game can end when the first person runs out of cards. The player with most cards wins.

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