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Friday, March 2, 2018

Pet Sitters

My daughter and her husband has a dog that they love with all their hearts. In fact this pup is spoiled just a bit, treated just like they would their child. The lucky part is that they work opposing shifts so "Kizzy" is never alone. If she was I would imagine they would hire a pet sitter. Pet sitters are become popular for those with pets who can not be there all the time. In fact it is so popular that in 1995 Professional Pet Sitters Week was established. The first week of March honors professional pet care providers and seeks to educate the public about the profession of in home pet care.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking are both popular and needed jobs. Many individuals have started up businesses based on growing need of pet care. Pet lovers may consider the job "easy" and be willing to post an online profile to offer their services, ongoing education of best business practices and latest in pet care, health and behavior. It is not enough to simply love pets.

In addition, pet care providers often carry pet sitter insurance and bonding, a local business license or permits, a pet sitter contract, a criminal history report. If you consider hiring a pet sitter then consider some of these questions when you interview a potential pet sitter:

  • job references from other pet owner clients they have worked for
  • do they have knowledge of pet first aide
  • what are the hours of the pet sitter and how soon can they start
  • what is the cost of pet sitter services.

Have you ever hired a pet sitter?? Are you a pet sitter?? I would love for you to share in comments any information I may have left out. There are times that those who have experience have knowledge that others may not. 

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