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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Easy Rice Shamrock Craft

Dyed Green Rice made by using rubbing alcohol, liquid food color and rice. Pour rubbing alcohol into bowl add few drops food color and stir. Adding more food coloring will offer more intense color. Mix in rice and stir. Make sure to cover rice. Let sit 30 minutes Remove rice onto paper towel lined cookie sheet. Dry. Stir occasionally 

white glue 
shamrock template 
white construction paper, poster board, or cardboard

Create shamrock using a template and cut out of construction or poster board Spread glue around template, you can have kids help by using their fingers. Cover glue with rice. Make sure all gets covered well. Pat down rice and let dry. 

craft resource here

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  1. This looks like a nice craft Angie. I didn't know we could dye rice like this. Thanks for sharing. Thelma..

    1. yes, easy trick so happy you learned a new trick. So many uses for died rice


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