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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Letters of Appreciation

Letter writing is becoming a lost art in many areas. Today's world is full of text messaging and instant messaging. Letter writing is still a very valuable skill and is often appreciated to see one takes the time to do such an act. Whether it is from a business or personal note sending a letter is something that will impress the receiver. Taking the time to write a sincere letter that expresses ones thoughts and feelings , is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors should go along way in impressing an individual or group.

A few tips to keep in mind when writing a letter of appreciation

  • Write a letter of appreciation as early as possible. The individual receiving the letter should be able to remember who you are and what you are thanking them for.
  • Clearly explain why you are showing appreciation for them. 
  • A letter of appreciation should be kept short, concise and focused. A couple of paragraphs is normally all you will need. 
  • Sincerity is best expressed briefly and not going over the top. Stating how you value the individual that helped you out or the achievement they reached. 
  • Before sending the letter one of the most important steps is to edit, edit, edit. Proofreading the letter before sending it will help you make sure that your letter appears professional and polished. 

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