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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We all Need Hugs

  • Many years ago lived a King Frederick II of Germany. Like many he had more time on  his hands than he knew what to do with. He began to wonder what it would be like if a child would speak if they never heard anyone around them speak. So he took 50 infants and gave them to a foster mother who were told not to cuddl , rock, or talk to these children. These babies never made it out of infancy as each of them died with failure to thrive. 

Another such story occured prior to fall of the Berlin wall. The Soviet bloc countries did not care for their orphans as they should have leaving orphanages over crowded with babies being neglected. There was not enough staff to care for the infants who were only touched when fed Due to this neglect the babies did not cry, babble , or whimper. When a doctor performed a physical it was learned that each of them possessed brain damage stress hormone, stunted growth and did not have behaviors of a child their age. 

Babies not toched or spoken to with love are unable to thrive and have the possibility of dieing. We all need and desire love, affection and communication. Children are no different and without it can not be succesful. This is a good reason why we should hug our children. 

Hugging helps our children feel safe and secure. Hugs build trust which helps them feel safe
Hugs elp build self esteem and lets them know we are always there for them
Hugs make our children feel happy. In fact it makes both of us feel happy
It has been proven that hugs help reduce stress
Hugs help us release the tension in the muscle


  1. Hugging makes everyone feel good. I hug my kids all the time.

  2. Great story! I believe hug and touch increase positive energy between people!

  3. These are terrible ways to treat kids. I didn't realize how important our touch and compassion with hugs is to thriving. I'm a hugger myself.

  4. What an important reminder! Showing love both verbally and physically is vital and key for overall health.

  5. I never get enough of hugs. They just relax me.

  6. I do not like to be touched. When someone go near me, I automatically step away. But with my niece, I always love hugs and kisses.

  7. I think hugging is very important. I am a big hugger myself and want to instill that in my future children.

  8. I definitely believe in the power of a hug! We have lots of frequent hugs in my family :)


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