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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Coffee Filter Butterflies

one half of a black chenille stem

paper coffee filter
water color paints
paint brush

Flatten the coffee filter and place it on a plate or newspaper, the paint and water will soak through. Set aside on paper towels to dry.
Fold the chenille stem in half. (Remember, you are only using half of a chenille stem to begin with.)
Fold the coffee filter accordion style, in about 1/2" pleats.
Position the pleated coffee filter into the bent end of the chenille stem. Center the filter at the bend.
Twist the chenille stem around the filter to secure it in place.
Bend the tips of the chenille stems over about 1/4" to create the antennae.
Fan out the butterfly wings.
If desired, hang with yarn or fishing line.

Helpful Hints
  • * For a more vibrant butterfly, be sure to paint all white areas with paint.
  • * Tie a piece of fishing line around the "neck" and suspend from the ceiling. They will look like they are flying!
  • * Instead of using all the colors on one filter, make some with warm colors (red, yellow, orange) and some with cool colors (blue, green, purple).
  • another great idea is to mix the food color and water and place in a sprayable bottle little hands will work out better 

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