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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Memories of the Ice Cream Truck

I grew up in a neighborhood where a lot of children lived. For the most part we were friends and got along. One of the most important times in summer was when the ice cream truck visited. You would hear the truck as it was approaching, perhaps it was down the street or even a couple of blocks away. The ice cream truck had its own personal sound, it was not just a revving motor, a car that had a rumble or even a horn honking. The sound of the ice cream truck was loud music, it was often a redention of an old folk song. When the truck parked you would hear a voice over a loud speaker announcing that the ice cream truck was approaching. Those were the good old days.

Now days, if you want ice cream you had to the local ice cream selling business or visit the grocery store. In most stores, the grocery store has either a shopping aisle or 1/2 an aisle dedicated to ice cream and ice cream treats. Here you will find boxes and gallons of ice cream, fudge bars, popsicles, push-ups, drumsticks and so many more delicious treats. It is easy for any family that wants to purchase many yummy goodies and have a freezer full of ice cream in their own home. Perhaps, that is why the ice cream trucks are not present like they were many years ago.

The excitement of ordereing your own ice cream treat and enjoying it along side your friends was like no other. Mom may have popsicles or other treat in the freezer but it was not what the ice cream man had and how could it ever be as exciting. No, those days of the ice cream man and his personal truck was like nothing else and the memories of those days are priceless.

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