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Friday, June 2, 2017

Trail Month

June is a great time to get out and enjoy one of many of our national trails. Any time is a great time to get out there and a great way to exercise as well. While June may be the month that honors our many trails any month that allows you to get out there is a great time to take a hike on a trail of your choice. 
Our family is lucky to enjoy life near the Shawnee national Forest. Look in your area and do a bit of research to see what great trails are located near you. For this post I will be sharing some of the great sites located around our area. 
Tunnel Hill is a great trail that many take the challenge of a bike ride on. The beauty no matter the season located here is breath taking. The trail covers 4 southern Illinois counties and reaches over 50 mils. This trail is concreted and covered with crushed stone covering. This trail previously was a railroad track that was removed many years ago. As I said biking along with hiking are activities that take place here. The trail is wheelchair accessible and also offers cross country skiing when the weather is right. 

The Shawnee trails are quite breath taking. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods be sure to stop for a bit and enjoy a hike through nature We personally love to get out there nearly all year with consideration to a few months. My grand-daughter calls the months of January, February and March long cold winter. This is when the weather is often not right to get out in. 

Where will your trail take you?? 

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