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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Old Maid

As a child of the '70s and early 80s I can recall a time before home video games, VCR's or any real home electronics that so many kids play now days. What we did in these early years was to sit and play board and card games together. I played a lot of games with my sister who was 4 years older than me. Another great player I recall back in the day was my cousin who when he grew up went to work in the large gaming Casino's of Las Vegas. Monopoly was his favorite board game and we spent lots of time playing. 

It was the games in these early years that helped build a never give up win or lose attitude in me. The competitive ability was real because every one wanted to win and the only one you give a chance to win is your younger siblings. With everyone else you are out to win and show every one what you have. You simply suck it up and play with all you have. One of the easiest games we played was that of old maid. No one and I mean no one wanted to be the old maid.

A victorian card game where between 2 and 8 players contested to gamble to see who would be the old maid in the end. History shows this game was once a gambling game where the loser would have to pay for a round of drinks for all players.

A deck of cards specifically for playing the game of old maid is commonly used but a deck of 52 cards may be substituted and played. When using a regular deck of cards remove a card so that there will not be a match or throw in a joker to stand in for the old maid.

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