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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Clubfoot Awareness

Today here on annies home we are helping to bring awareness to Clubfoot. Clubfoot occurs when an abnormality happens normally at birth. The baby's foot may be twisted out of shape or position when born. The tissues connecting the muscles to the bone or tendon are shorter than usual creating a birth defect known as clubfoot.

Clubfoot can vary in degree from mild to severe. Nearly half children born with clubfoot have it in both feet. Club foot makes walking harder to do if not corrected. Doctors nearly always start treating it directly after birth. Surgery is normally not needed but sometimes follow up surgery may be needed later.

Clubfoot can be I.D'd in a few different ways

  • The top of the foot is usually twisted downward and inward, increasing the arch and turning the heel inward.
  • The foot may be turned so severely that it actually looks as if it's upside down.
  • The calf muscles in the affected leg are usually underdeveloped.
  • The affected foot may be up to 1/2 inch (about 1 centimeter) shorter than the other foot.

.Like many other diseases and health issues their are risk factors for developing. Risk factors for clubfoot include family history, congenital conditions, environment, little or not enough amniotic fluid. Children born with spina bifida or other skeleton issue may also have club foot. Smoking during pregnancy adds risk to developing club foot. 
Children with clubfoot may find issues with walking whether corrected or not. Arthritis may develop later in life as well. 

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