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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Celibacy a decision to go forward or not

There are many terms used that can define the Celibrated life. Whether you consider your self a chaste, virgin, abstinent or asexual you are living the Celibrated life. There are many reasons that people wait and I believe should wait. Those who say they are waiting for marriage, living a life of celibacy or simple choose to say celibrate life. It is a style of life without sex and enjoying life regardless. Sex is not a needed event that must take place in life to be happy.

Young people wanting to abstain from sex will often take a vow of virginity. With the risk of sexually transmitted diseases increasing and birth control not being reliable more and more teens are deciding to go with out sex. Nothing about premarital sex, frequent casual sex, or sexting should be considered "healthy" or "normal".
Today's society and the culture we live in has little to no trust in our young people. Offering a view at honesty, empowerment and great dignity offers a chance for them to be responsible and feel incredible. In the end it is a decision that should be left up to those that regardless of religion, beliefs, parent involvement or anything else to make the decision

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