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Saturday, June 3, 2017

They Fought for State Rights Should They be Memorialized

Confederate Memorial Day is a public holiday that has been observed in southern states of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas since the end of the American Civil War. This holiday is to honor the 258,000 Confederate States Army, Navy, Marines and militia who died in combat fighting in the battle. 

The Ladies Memorial Association of Columbus, Georgia in the spring of 1866 decided that a day should be set aside to memorialize the Confederate war dead. Ladies in former Confederate states were invited to join them in the observation. While the civil war today has stigmatic attached to it. I believe that the American men who fought for their belief of state rights should be memorialized. With the removal of so many statues and other items of memory the future may never recall the battle of the U.S. When history is not recalled it is doomed to repeat in one form or another. 

It is heritage that I fear losing. The battle of state rights was more important than the battle over slavery to many that fought in the great war. There are many that will disagree with this post and I am sorry for that. Please leave a comment and leave your thoughts with me

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