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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Think Green

Spring is nearly here, March 20th will officially be the first day of spring. I for one am ready for it to be here and warm up a bit. I have a lady that I take care of that tells me that when she was a kid she really liked winter and the snow but now that she is older she could do without it. I am not sure if I ever liked winter?? It was always cold but as I get older it seems to be colder or perhaps that is just a sign of getting older. But the truth is we may get some snow this weekend and if we do I will be trying to plan how to make my spring greener.

I have visited a few nurseries and farm stores and took note of all the great bushes and trees that are available. Where I live I do not want to plant a large full size tree but dwarf trees and bushes would be great. Trees have a majestic feeling and many consider them the king of all plant life. Trees can add value to your home they are also great to watch grow. Trees help keep our homes cool in the summer months as well as providing beauty through out the seasons. Better air quality is also possible because of trees so by planting a tree you are helping the planet we all share.

Spring is the perfect time to plant trees. Do a bit of research to see what area is best to plant in your area. While researching you may find out other great information on the tree you plan to plant as well. April is the perfect time to plant a tree with April 22nd being earth day and April 29th arbor day. I can remember my older sister bringing home a tree that the school gave her and my mother planted that tree in the back yard where we watched it grow. It was a great memory marker of our childhood.

I love to use fresh herbs in the recipes I cook. Herbs can easily be grown outside in the garden or inside on a sunny windowsill. Herbs are perfect if you are looking to grow something year round. The sun and moisture your provide will help it grow. Having these herb plants will give you a chance to have fresh herbs in your cooking any time you want. Herb plants also make great gifts because you are giving the gift of nourishment. Herbs have many uses do a bit of research and find out what all they can be used for.

Another thing you can do all year round to help mother Earth is to use reusable bags rather than the plastic throw away kind. Plastics contaminate the earth's water and land. On average Americans use and waste almost 200 lbs. of plastic each year. Using reusable bags can help cut down on plastic use. A small one time investment in shopping bags that you can reuse will help you do your share. Remember habits take at least 3 times to make it stick so it may take a while but eventually you will remember the usable bags. Using 4 to 5 reusable bags in a year will allow you cut out approximately 400+ plastic bags.

I love the farmers market. I always find something new to try. Farmers markets always offer the best food available and the best thing is it was locally grown. Because the produce is grown locally your money is not paying for mass production and transporting goods. Nature intends to nourish our body while produce is in season and by seasons. Farmers markets are great for purchasing and learning what is in season.

If you are dreaming of a green spring I hope you understand and consider the tips I shared here. I would love to hear about your green spring dreams as well as any tips you have to share

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