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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Stop Whining

It is no secret that I am a bit of whiner. This has most likely always been the case. My cousins tell stories to me about the younger me whining when I was picked on or someone took my toys. My friends at camp had me share a line in a play about being a whiner. My husband is my one and only fan at all times and still thinks at times I am a winer. There are most likely many others like me. While I am not annoying it does get to them a bit when it done. 

Another fact about me is that I am hard working. I am one that never stops til the job is done. I love to feel needed and productive. As time starts running out I know it is time to work harder and not give up. At the end of the day when the goal was not reached it often leaves me feeling cranky and antsy. When this happens my stress level climbs up as well. Whether it be my nursing job, my blog or my family I have guidelines that I want to meet. 

Each and every day the need of meeting an accomplishment is my goal. Sometimes working hard by myself is the perfect thing that I need to do to get my goals in order. in my own mind. Taking a long walk will do the same thing. When I have the goals in my own mind in order I am often go lucky but when I am all a mess I am difficult to live with. So why is it I get cranky and whiny?? 

  • I have to be able to meet my goal if not then I began to get bothered and unhappy then my annoying begins
  • If my workload begins to pile up and I get worried I will not get it all done. The frustration level gets there if I am getting the work done but the list is not getting any smaller
  • When I feel like a failure it gets me down but a bit overwhelmed as well. I am a person that has an idea of so much to get done. Trying to get these ideas to reality is sometimes hard to train. 
  • How I get along with others often bothers me as well. I love to meet people, have conversations and have lots of fun. If some how a relationship with co-worker, friend or family member is not what I think it should be it bothers me. I often am the one that apologizes so that I can let go of it. 
  • Being tired is one of the biggest time when I become a whiner and can annoy others. There is so much in my life that everyone that knows me says I do to much. I spend way to much time around others in my life. I often live exhausted with 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night.
While these may not be good reasons for being cranky, whiny or annoying they are what makes me that way. I truly am not looking for empathy, comfort or consolation. I am a very happy person most of the time but I know that I am who I am. These are the times that I am often most horrific and can be bothersome most of the time. 

When you get like this it is time to Count Your Blessings and know that no matter what life hands you you can make it through

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  1. Yes, counting your blessings often helps to put things in perspective. At least, it does for me.


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