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Sunday, March 5, 2017

I believe

Working where I do I find many mental illness widespread Multi personality disorder is one of the common themes. Those that suffer with multiple personalities may seem calm at one moment in time then the next be raving mad. 

Today is a day to draw awareness of the mental disorders of Multip Personality disorder and Dissociative disorder. Individuals with this disorder has two or more dominant personalities. These personalities are able to take control of them at any given time but have different morals, ethics, and ideals. Multi personality disorder affects about 1 in 3 individuals. Many sadly do not consider multi personality a true disorder .

Symptoms that are associated with multi-personality disorder but not always recognized as so include: 
  • depression, mood swings, suicidal tendencies, sleep issues, sleep walking or night terrors
  • anxiety, flashbacks, panic attacks are all common symptoms as well. 
  • someone who has many of these symptoms may need to seek medical attention
Many times doctors believe that personality disorder such as multi personality have been affected by a deep, psychological or traumatizing event in their own childhood. This event causes them to disassociate in order to survive the trauma. 

Whether or not you believe this is a true disorder the individual that is afflicted by it needs you to understand. Help is what these individuals are looking for instead all to often they are labeled and given stereotypes. That is why so many do not look for the help that they so need. Those that suffer from multi personality may go through black outs, memory losses, loss of time, or any of the other problems that can occur when personality change is taking place. 
To me this is a very true disorder. I have heard what I would call horrific stories of how they lived their life there is no wonder why many want to black it all out. This disorder is so much different than one that you are born with or one that you have the genes for and appears in older age. This disorder often means something happened in your life time that you can not handle For those I say "I believe" 

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