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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Johnny Appleseed Day

As a young girl I was involved in many activities and groups. One of the groups I belonged to was 4H. It was in 4H that I learned about an amazing man known as Johnny Appleseed. Johnny was born John Chapman on September 26 1774 and passed away March 1845 from a winter plague. John was an American pioneer who introduced apple trees to the lands of Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Because of his actions he became an American legend as a kind, generous man who was a leader in conservation with a major in apples. Not only did Johnny appleseed bring apples to the communities he visited but was also a missionary. Johnny appleseed has been the inspiration for many museums and historical sites. In Fort Wayne, Indiana in Johnny Appleseed Park there is a grave marking the spot where the man who planted so many apple seeds lays at rest. 

Johnny Appleseed led a simple life and wanted for little. He did not ask and rarely accepted money. Johnny started his travels in 1797 in northwestern Pennsylvania. He would work his way into the western frontier and with each seed the legend of Johnny Appleseed would grow. Johnny would travel shoeless by foot, horseback or in canoe. Johnny was known for planting apple seeds but also for his appearance and kindness. Families were known to set an extra place setting in case Johnny would come visiting. 

Johnny would help farmers with their apple orchards that were planted. If he heard of an orchard in trouble Johnny would travel back to help. During the process of helping the orchard he would offer wisdom, care and kindness as he always did. 

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