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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cheese Doodle Day

One of my grand-babies favorite snacks and one that their papa loves as well are cheese doodles. Cheese doodles have been around since 1940 and I am sure have been gaining fans ever since. They were invented by the owner of a snack food company. Cheese doodles are made of puffed baked corn that are given a coating of cheddar cheese. These snacks are baked and not fried. They are a healthier choice among the snack chips on the market. 
Cheetos cheese flavored puffs would become a hit in the 1950's soon. after cheez doodles would appear on the market. After that it would be no surprise for those eating these yummy treats to have "cheez doodle fingers" that is to have cheese powder on fingers after eating cheese flavored snack food. It is rumored that cheez doodles were one of Julia Child's favorites. Now days cheez doodles can be found on the preferred snack of ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith. 

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