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Friday, November 4, 2016

National Adoption Month

Every year thousands of children and teenagers will be welcomed into homes of loving and supporting adopting families. Mothers and fathers who will provide boys and girls that will be their sons and daughters with security and stability. A safe environment with opportunities that may have never had. Together they ill learn to grow and love and become a family. 
My grand-parents were foster parents back in the day and while I am not a foster parent like they were I keep my doors open and let all that need a safe place to stay to come in. I have helped friends, friends of my children, my own family and so many others. Later this month on the Saturday before Thanksgiving policymakers, practitioners, and advocates will come together to finalize thousands of adoptions. The hope to raise awareness of the many still in need of a permanent home.

For some great ideas on what you can do to help those involved in adoption visit here

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