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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Jellyfish look very weird when you spot one either floating around or washed up on the beach. They jiggle like gelatin and look like small clear blogs. Jellyfish varry in size and color. They will all have tentacles that hang down under them, Jellyfish use those tentacles to sting sea creatures that they will use for food. Unfortunately they will also sting humans that are swimming in the ocean. Even dead jellyfish have the tendency to sting a person. The stings hurt but not necesarrily emergencies. Pain, red marks, itching, numbness or tingling are results of jellyfish stings. Jellyfish from Australia, Philippines, the Indian Ocean and central Pacific Ocean are very dangerous and can cause individuals to become sick.

Jellyfish are found in every ocean from surface to the deep sea Jellyfish have roamed the seas for more than 500 million years. They are the oldest multi organ animal. Jellyfish are not true fish because they are invertebrates. Jellyfish live in blooms or swarms. A bloom is a large group in a small area. Jellyfish in a swarm are smaller in number.

I would one day love to visit the ocean and see jellyfish. Have you ever saw these beautiful creatures??


  1. I have seen them many times, and I really don't want to even see them even from far at all, lol! I know they are not deadly, but it really hurts when they sting you . . . sadly I was stung once, and it really hurt! :)

  2. I can well imagine how bad it feels when they sting. Something I want to stay away from as well
    thanks for stopping by


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