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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Build a Bonfire

Bonfires are not just for summer and fall. They are perfect to keep you warm anytime you will be spending time outside. Keeping warm is very important any time of the year. Knowing how to build a bonfire is very important knowledge if you ever need it

Keep in mind that the size and thickness of the wood will determine how long the fire will burn. Smaller sticks and twigs will make for a hot fire but not long fire. If you plan to cook on the fire you will want it to burn both hot and long. Using both fuel wood, smaller sticks that can be fed into the fire regularly if needed. One of the cheapest ways to start a fire is paper so make good use of that junk mail.

other source of tinder that can be used is bark, small twigs, sawdust, straw or wood shavings. Primarily anything that will burn fast and hot. Make sure that the material you use is not green or wet as they will not burn. They will either offer lots of smoke or not catch on fire at all.

Burning in the pyramid diagram will offer you a good strong foundation for your fire to burn hot and long. Small fires can be done the same way just use smaller logs. Making sure that the logs that offer fuel are thick will ensure a good long fire that will be great for cooking or providing heat.

Simply roasting marshmallows type fire would be perfect for the "teepee" design. Fanning or blowng on the fire will help it catch well. Light the end of the paper sticks on either side of fire structure and stand back

Be sure not to smother the fire because a fires one requirement is oxygen. It is a great idea to light the fire in more than one place so that it burns evenly Building fire on top of dirt is a safe idea that will keep your fire where you want it. Remember to always put out the fire before leaving as well.

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