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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trick Or Treat Tips For Fun

We have reached that haunting month where lots of fun things will be happening. At the end of the month your neighborhood if it is like mine will be crawling with little monsters and other characters. It can be a fun night if a few simple rules are followed.

Before heading out for a night of fun make sure that you have a bit to eat. If the belly is full then they will be less tempted to eat candy.

Bring along some sort of light. This may be a flashlight, reflective wear or some other form of light. One thing that happens in the dark is tripping so if the path is lit the little goblins can get around easier.

Stay in an area that you know well. Take your children trick or treating and do it as a family event. The route should be well lit as well. Great time to talk to neighbors and introduce your children to your adult friends as well. Take your time have a relaxing night and most of all fun.

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