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Friday, October 28, 2016

Take Your Plush Animal To Work

Stuffed or plush animals are often found on the list of childhood toys that create the most memories. If you were lucky enough to have a favorite stuffed or plush animals today is your day. It is Plush animal Lovers Day it is a day of celebration that allows us to share about our best friend when we were children. Our best friend that knew all the secrets but were not really alive to be able to repeat what was told to them.

President Teddy Roosevelt had a famous plush animals, the teddy bear named after him. It was while on a hunting trip that the President saw a baby bear and refused to shoot it. The story as they often do was retold several times and resulted in the naming of the teddy bear.

Now days plush animals of a great variety are found in lots of places. Royal Selangor the inventor of the Plush Animals Lovers Day most likely had a vast variety himself. In the late 80s Royal hosted a Teddy Bear Picnic Day. It was after these picnics when it was found that other stuffed animals were getting jealous as Teddy Bears were getting all the respect and being singled out. So that other animals could join the picnic the Teddy Bears Picnic Day was replaced by Plush Animal Lovers Day.

Today take your plush animal with you. Take them with you where ever you go to the office, school, or work place. After all a stuffed toy is a life time friend not just during Christmas season.

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  1. Replies
    1. I know I have loved plush animals for a very long time

  2. My kids have tons of plush animals. They kind of take over their beds.

    1. yes, they all are rather adorable and before we know it we are covered up in them
      thanks for visiting us

  3. Very cute post. Thanks for sharing this happy post

    1. its always great to find something a bit happy when the world is often sharing other news
      thanks for stopping by

  4. Every child love them, thanks for sharing..

  5. This is an awesome post and such an inspiring message


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