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Thursday, October 27, 2016

You Need This IF You Have a Rough and Tumble Kid In Your Life

My grand-children play as hard as my children did. My grand-daughter recently being named co-captain and goalie of her soccer team.

With her involved in so many great sports, riding bikes and just being out going we have had our share of ice packs. So out of necessity we have started to create our own ice packs to keep on hand.

Ice Pack

1 cup rubbing alcohol

3 cups water

Mix the two together in a gallon size ziploc. Freeze and while the ice pack will be ice cold the alcohol will allow the liquid to smush up and move around. Not freezing solid helps to keep the ice pack usable.

The next best thing to this is a bag of frozen peas. you can break the peas apart and then it will conform to where you need it to.

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  1. and rough-and-tumble adults too :)

  2. oh for sure, both can take a few lumps
    thanks for your visit


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