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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Use Your Cell Phone with Respect

It seems the days of the old home phone has started to go away and everyone seems to have a cell phone of their own. Sometimes I think that we forget about being respectful when using the phone and being in society. For Example:
Keep in mind that no one appreciates that person that answers the cell phone in public and their voice seems to continue to get louder. This allows all to hear and understand your conversation if you don't like your privacy the rest of us do. 

So you are out to a family event or dinner with someone special and your cell phone rings. It not only interrupts the events and others that are enjoying it but also doesn't allow you to enjoy yourself. Keep the cell phone with you if needed but try not to use it and have personal conversations with others when the special event is going on. 

One of my pet peeves is having a personal conversation and have that person to back out of the conversation to answer their phone. I believe it is rude to do so unless it was an emergency. 

I recently went to a court room as moral support of a friend. The bailiff warned to have cell phones turned off. Everyone took note except for one woman. You guessed it yes it went off right in the middle of the hearing the judge got upset and the balif gave the individual a stern warning. It could have been much worst. This is an example of a place where cell phones should be turned down or off. There are many more. 

Yet another story of a cell phone disaster. My daughter, the individual I went to court with, received a ticket for using her cell phone and driving. It is not safe to do so and now that you know there are laws you should take note and quit using the phone when driving. 

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