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Monday, July 4, 2016

I am an American

I am from small town america. My mother drove a school bus, my father delivered the mail. My grandparents as well as many other members of my family were farmers. The pride for America we had in our family was something that everyone could see. Every July the month started out with a parade, carnival, and fireworks. It was in celebration of Independence day. All of our young ment that went away to war and came back home were honored with a home coming. The ones that did not come home are perhaps the ones that left the most impact on our hearts. One young man my mom went to school with Bob Tunison unfortently did not return from war. His mother was left devestated and the the little town mourned. In honoree of Mr. Tunison a park was erected and his story continues to be told. I am proud to be from that little town and I am proud to be an American. 

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  1. Those we lose always tend to get more attention than those who make it home. However, I am thankful that both fought for our freedom.

  2. Being from a small community creates strong bonds and friendships. Everyone supports and helps each other, especially during difficult times.

  3. I am from a small city but it's not a small town. I always longed to live in the kind of community you describe. Now, I live in a larger city suburbs and while people are great, it's not like your small town.

  4. Beautiful quote you have up there, those are more than just words, that's for sure. It's our responsibility to honor those who fought for our freedom and it's really touching to live in a town that does exactly that.

  5. Wow, I like the community you have. You must be really proud of your race.

  6. Omg love this!!! So important to remember those who sacrificed everything to give us the freedom we have


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