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Monday, July 4, 2016

A Fish Story

Fishing is a favorite sport and past times of many. The gal in the picture is a great friend of mine who loves to fish.. To her it is a past time that she loves to take part time in. Have you ever cast a line?? Well if you have then you know how exciting it can be. If not then it may be something you want to check further into.

You can check out one of the fascinating fishing books located at your local library. The books should offer you a bit of excitment but the best way to learn is to get directly involved. Start by baiting your hook and casting your line.

Time to choose your personal rod and reel. Find sme great tips for finding the perfect fishing rod here

So now that you are prepared to fish you have to decide what type of fish you will be looking for. There are many types of bait. Most individuals in this area will be looking for catfish. Catfish are attracted to specially made bait, raw chickent liver or insects.

It may surprise you but location and weather may make the difference between an ok fishing trip and an awesome one. Many will gaurd their location from even their closest friends. A great fishing spot is worth its weight in gold to a fisherman. An overcast sky can lead to successful fishing trips. Fishing trips in other weather can be great as well but the overcast sky seems to be most succesful. 

You should be ready now for your first fishing trip . Good luck and above all have fun. 

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