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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

For those that work to much

In the medical field the work can be very demandive, long hours, and little rest. There are those that are determined for one reason or another to work hard and make sure all works well. I was once like that but as I have gotten older I have slowed down some. Today, July 5th, Work a Holic day is dedicated at least on Annies Home to those that work hard and keep it all running well.

The Work-a-holic works hard while others may enjoy a time down. They can not relax until it is all done. He is addicted to work and it is not a need of work. Its because there is work to be done or work that has been neglected by others or perhaps there is work that will need to be done in the future.

If you have ever heard the above statement than you most likely may be a work-a-holic. Other ways you may be able to tell.

If you ....
work because "It's fun"
work because you want to not because you need to
you are the first one to work and / or last one to leave
'its your day off and you go to work
your last thoughbts as you go to sleep are work related

Do you know a work a = holic are you one???

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