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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Its Cold Out Protect Yourself

Its Cold Outside Protect Yourself

The temps are really cold not reaching above the mid teens here today. If this is the way your area is then you need to take care of yourself and that means protecting yourself against the cold air.
Here are a few tips that can help you protect yourself:
  • wearing three layers of clothing may seem a bit excessive but when it comes to staying warm outside it is not really. Layering clothes helps to provide and conserve body heat. The layer that you have closest to the body should be thin as it will pull moisture from your skin, the second and third layer should be bulkier providing insulation. Wool is a good material to wear for these layers. It is always a great idea to wear a water proof top layer if possible
  • Wearing a stocking cap is always great to help prevent body heat to escape through the scalp. My grandmother always told me to wear a hat in summer to keep the sun off and in the winter to keep the heat in
  • Mittens are better to wear in extreme temps because they keep hands warmer
  • If for any reason such as snow or rain the clothing gets wet remove it asap
  • Keep at least one room in the home at a comfortable temperature. Close the doors to other rooms that are not in use. To conserve heat, jam towels or blankets under gaps at the bottom of doors. I can remember as a kid sleeping in the living room with my brothers and sisters as the air in the other rooms was cold and mom would block off the other rooms
I hope these tips help to keep you warm

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