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Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday President Lincoln

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln. Get the entire family in on the celebration with a bit of fun. Try one of the pretzel stick cabin crafts. Mr. Lincoln grew up in a cabin and was famous for wearing a top hat. The cookie and candy top hat snack recipe is fun to make and share as well.

These log cabins are fun to make, helps tell the story of Honest Abe and are edible as well. The pretzels are glued on via vanilla icing. Let your child decorate the cabins using their imagination with grass, trees, or however they wish.

For older kids or even a challenge for your self try to remake the log cabin 3D figure using pretzel sticks.

Fix a snack that resembles old Abraham Lincolns top hat.

Lincoln’s Hat – Quick & Easy President’s Day Treats using fudge striped cookies (upside down), rolos and chocolate frosting


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    1. I love hands on learning such a great way to get memory and education to work together


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