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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Moms Criticize

What’s the rudest comment from a stranger you have ever gotten about your parenting style?

I simply hate how rude parents can be to other parents. When one parent judges another and expresses their opinion it can often be rude or seem rude. Without being in the shoes of that parent dealing with the child and decisions that must be made the parent looking in should not criticize. (The only exception to me is in cases of abuse. If you see or know of a child being abused this should be dealth with) Family, friends and even total strangers all feel that they can and should express their opinions and sometimes it is not done in the nicest terms.

There are things that we should be allowed to do and it be our choice as the parent to decide. The way we dress our children is one of the first things that will be picked on by others. I was blessed when expecting my first child to be blessed with a wardrobe of clothes that a friends son had out grown. With not a lot of money as a young parent I decided that I would use the boys clothes with my daughter and make them look as cute as I could. Of course this did not set well with many but at least she was dressed and looked cute as ever. I would love to tell you that little baby girl is now 29 years old and the boy clothes did not diversely hurt or change her in any manner. Some of the things said I do still remember and they did hurt.

Another area that I have had many disagreements along the journey of parenting is the diet I let my children have. Yes I do love my children and I do want them to have good health but I do let them have treats along the way as well. My Sister had a totally different version of what type of diet kids should be on. She thought she was right and there was no discussion about it of course though she shared with me all the things she thought I did wrong. I should share with you that my children are all healthy, have good eating habits and are sharing that with their own children. Perhaps, no I know that there are different ways of raising children and while we may think that we are right we must also allow other parents to have their way of doing things.

Discipline is another big area where parents have discussions and strong opinions. There are several parenting styles and I have often been criticized in mine. I do not believe in taking a hand to a child in any manner. That is my style I use time out, privalage lost and point system to decide rewards. I know that there are parents with other standards but for one reason or another it is my standard that gets the criticism. 

Our job as parents is not to do what is the easiest but what is in the children's best interests.

How about you? If you've ever faced something like this, do share!

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