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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dreaming of Flowers

While you are waiting on spring to arrive so you can enjoy your outdoor garden I thought I would share with you a special flower of the day. The Nigella Damascena a annual that is well known by the name of Love in a  Mist. I often am attracted to the old fashioned annuals that look as if they were ones my grandmother may have raised. 

The foliage of the Love in a Mist resembles Asparagus foliage. It is both fine and delicate after the foliage appears the flowers of the Nigella will appear in the spring and disappear in the early part of summer. The flower comes in beautiful soft shades of white, blue and pink. 

Love in a mist plants are easy to grow. They love the full sun but will tolerate partial shade. The soil should be rich, loose and drain well. Fertilize once good when first planting then once a month after that . As long as the soil is moist to slightly dry and you offer water during dry periods they should grow well. Weeding is a job that must be done. The plants grow easy and well with few insect or disease problems

Love in a Mist plants make great bedding plants in a flower garden or plant them in containers and pots alone and they even make beautiful hanging baskets. This early plant may be started inside or out. They may be sowed a week or two before the last frost in your area. They are annuals and claim their territory coming back year after year. 

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