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Friday, January 1, 2016

Year In Review 2015

The first post on Annies Home for 2015 was this recipe for poor man trifle. What a delicious recipe and so pretty as well. The year started for us with many changes. Our oldest daughter was back in town and had moved in with her boyfriend. Yes thankfully she settled down and all is ok. Our oldest son was living with my brother but his world would change for the good as well in the year 2015. Our youngest son spent the beginning of last year dating a young lady that he was falling in love with as well. Our lives were changing and 2015 would prove to be the year for love. Including the wedding of our middle daughter. We welcomed a son to our family and we saw their love grow.

The readers of Annies Home chose the Quick Strawberry Twinkie Cake as top January 2015 pick. It is easy to make, delicious and oh so perfect to take to any get together as well

January saw the family celebrating the top lady in our family. My mother and her 70th birthday.

The first post of February 2015 was about that pesky little character that helps monitor the weather deciding if spring comes early or not. Happy Groundhog days come each year and we celebrate it goo or bad. By the way he did see his shadow in our area and followed was more winter. Hopefully this year, spring will come early as I am ready to get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

The top post that saw the most views was Paul Bunyan and a delicious vintage Paul Bunyan recipe. I must say that there was many that liked this post. While Paul and his blue ox have long been my favorite characters of tall tale fable I wonder if it was the burger recipe or the man himself that drew the crowd in.

Our family celebrated three birthdays in February


The first post of March was fittingly In like a lion, out like a lamb. Yes that is naturally how the weather starts and by the end of March we are looking forward to warmer weather. This year we will be celebrating a March birthday for the first time. It is the birthday of one of the young ladies that is now very much in the life of one of my sons.

The top March post is for a snack with a sweet side. The White Chocolate Clusters have a crunch and are made up with ingredients that are very common like marshmallows and peanut butter. I am sure your crowd would very much approve if you wanted to make up a batch.

The first post of April 2015 was a recipe for a pasta salad that was shared with our family during our Easter dinner. Our Easter dinner that year was a bit different as it was so warm so we headed out for a picnic with family members Our youngest son and his girlfriend planned the dinner for the whole family and for the most part we all had a fun time and this delicious salad with a Greek flair was a hit as well.

April sees the migration of penguins and celebrates the date as well. The top post of April shared about this as well as a yummy and fun recipe. If you like penguins or will be studying about them you will not want to miss this post.

April was a day of celebrations which included the birthday of my daughter

  Our top family event that took place April 1st 2015 was my daughter marrying her life long friend. Well maybe life long is a bit more than I should say. You see my daughter was the school yard bully and her new husband was one she picked on and got in trouble a lot. Somehow their friendship did grow and their love did as well.

The first post of May occurred on my son's birthday and was for one of his favorite recipes. He just adores fried corn which was a recipe his grandmother made often. Many including his girlfriend have never heard of it but check out the post try the recipe and you may find you love it as much as we do.

 May finds us getting ready to go out and about early in the morning and we enjoy the day til late. You can rest assured that we get very hungry and recipes like the most liked recipe for May will help us from getting to that starving nation. The salted caramel butter bars are easy to take with us where ever we go.
June started out with the first post on annies home teaching a short lesson on hazel nuts but also sharing a delicious coffee cake recipe. Needing a delicious breakfast treat or really you could serve it any time check out the Chocolate Hazelnut coffee cake.
The top post in June saw us preparing for the July Holiday of independent day. It was a great post that shared both décor and a recipe to share with friends and family as well.
We celebrated a few birthdays in June as well. These nuts who had birthdays included my husband, daughter and son.
Summer time finds us going out a lot. We travel as a pack in our family and have lots of fun.
July saw a lot of rain and just as it is doing here in our area now we were also preparing for a flood in July as well. The rain just seemed like it would not stop. I wanted to share with you all some emergency prep when "the creeks are rising" then just as I think we should all always be prepared.
With all the summer going ons it was no surprise that the top post in July was the review post for anywhere labels. Yes they go anywhere you need them to and their sister company safety tats helps keep the young ones safe as well.
July started out with a post reminding us all to be safe this harvest season. Where we live is farming country and lots of tractors and farm equipment will be on the roads august through the end of harvest. So be safe out there The top post of August is a post that helps us all out in the heat of the summer The air conditions is very much needed in the hot summer weather
We started out the month with guide dog month. I learned as much as I hope my readers did in this post.
September, my birthday month also belongs to a famous actor, producer and star to many. I share my birthday month with Alan Ladd. When I wrote about his birthday you all were very interested making it the top post of  September.
October, the month where fall starts to come to life, the month before the holidays and the one that ends with a boo was very full as well. We started the month on Annies Home sharing all about October being the month of Cookies
October being the month of spooks we shared an easy craft that has been pinned several times as well. If you do not follow us on pinterest I welcome you to start following. This Big Black Spider may be a welcome guest at your next Halloween as well
November started out with a birthday in our family and a great way to use up leftover candy on the blog.
November is a rather cold month. One way I love to stay warm is to drink Hot apple cider. It must be of interest to lots of readers as it is the top post of November.
The first of December, which seems just a few days ago started out with eat a red apple day
The top post of last month was Maple Syrup day. I think it was helped along by social networks like google + and twitter. I invite you to follow us on either
I look forward to bringing more great post on annies home. I am thankful for the great times we had in 2015 and welcome many more in 2016
What was 2015 like for you?? What do you want 2016 to be like


  1. Happy new year :) You've had a busy year, I hope 2016 is a good one x

    1. that is my hopes as well Happy New year to you as well

  2. Wow, you'd been on the move all year. Happy 2016!

    1. that's the way we like it Happy New Year to you as wel

  3. Looks like you guys had an awesome year! It was indeed full of family moments and love! I hope you have a good year ahead!

  4. loving the recipes mentioned in your post round up here. looking forward to more in 2016

  5. Aw it is lovely that so many family members found love last year. I wish all of you the best for 2016!

  6. its nice to have a review of your blog post for the my case , I use this to plan as to how many post I will be doing for the next year :)

  7. You really posted some great recipes! I might need to try a few this year :)

  8. Some great stuff in 2015..looking forward to more for 2016

  9. Happy New Year Annie, looks like you had a fab year. Best wishes for 2016 x

  10. Everything looks delicious and your photos are beautiful. Happy New Year

  11. What an amazing year! Love all the pictures. Happy New year! Best wishes in 2016 and keep up the great content on your blog!

  12. What a wonderful year for you! It was a wonderful year for us too and I couldn't be more thankful. :) Here's to another great year for you. Happy New Year!

  13. Wow, what a busy year! How lovely to look back and see all that you have achieved! Kaz :)

  14. Looks like you had a great year. Hope 2016 is just as great.

  15. What a great look back and summary of events for 2015! Thanks for sharing and best wishes for an even greater 2016!


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