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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Festival of Sleep

To start this festival there are a few decisions that must be made. To start with will you be sleeping alone or with someone else. Will you be cuddling with a pet or maybe a stuffed animal? Will you celebrate in bed or on the couch??

After those important decisions are made then you must decide on how long you will participate. Will it be a quick but powerful time, a simple short cat nap, or will you take the entire day to leisure away. However, long it is make it count and enjoy the sleep that you can get.

Put on P.Js or simple shorts and tee or whatever it is that you like to sleep in.

Get into a comfortable sleeping position. It is a day to relax, be comfortable and lazy. Rest is all that you are on the search of.

Sleep is important as it refreshes the body and lessens stress.

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