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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Organization Tips

January is always a great month to get organized. One fun thing for us to do and make our lives easier as well is to let the kid help. When they start to walk is a great time to let them start helping. They think it is fun and will not consider it something they have to do.

Meals, home school, homework, playtime, and cleaning chores are made easier if they are on schedule. Time is essential for me and a goal as well. I use time to let me know when something needs to be done. Breaking a task down into different cleaning chores makes it easier as well.

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Keeping a menu in our house keeps down the chaos at meal time. We use the menu so the "whats for supper" question does not come up. It also allows us to ensure the needed supplies are ready for the week, take out frozen supplies to thaw in time, and any prepare ahead dishes to be ready as well.

Keeping a list of needed items to take shopping with us helps as well. The note is all ready there and ready for the needed item to be noted down When someone in the house goes out shopping the needed items can be purchased. The list is there so anyone can add needed items so if someone sees something we need it is wrote down and the pressure is not on one person.

Do you have any organization tips you rely on? Let me know

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