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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Today is January 1st and many will be making a resolution to try to make a goal in the new year 2016. What is it that you will resolve to do? Will it be to drink less or diet?? Those are both pretty popular goals to set. Perhaps you will resolve to quit smoking or to exercise more. Again popular choices both that take patience and determination. Have you a goal to find a new job or to pay off your debts. Those will for sure be great for your finances and well being. Perhaps you want to save more money, find someone to love, take a trip or even take time to enjoy life. Those are all great resolutions to have and worthwhile as well. Perhaps this is the year that you want to resolve to help others in your community, town, state, country, or event the world. Whatever your resolution may be I resolve to do all I can to share great post that may help you along the way.

perhaps you like your self just as you are. NO changes are needed and therefore you don't need to make a resolution. I do not personally believe that any of us are perfect and can always learn something new that will change us just a bit. But if you do see yourself as no changes needed all is fine and going well then I do hope that you continue to read our post as well. You never know you may find a tip or great recipe to help you from being hungry.

Set your goals as high as you care to. All of us need a good challenge now and then. The challenge is to keep on task working to reach the goal. I would love to hear about what your resolutions

My resolution for 2016:
To make time to do more with my family. Not to let work get in the way of having fun and spending time with the family. This is the year I would also love to make it to the mountains of Tennessee I make it a daily goal to find ways to help others and I want to keep that up as well.


  1. my first resolution is to spend more time with God.... :D

  2. amen to that , I believe I should amend mine as that is always a goal of mine

  3. The start of the New Year is such a great time to take stock and revisit goals. While I don't have any specific resolutions, I have chosen my One Word for the year to be Balance. I will be working to create Balance in several different areas of my life in 2016. Happy New Year!

  4. The mountains sound like a great idea! I'm going to try not to take everything so personally. I think your goals are doable, good luck with them! Enjoy the mountains when you go!

  5. Family is so important. I've decided to try to be more present when spending time with them. Mostly meaning putting away electronics while visiting.

  6. Sounds like some great resolutions! Family is a top priority for us too. Happy New year and best wishes in 2016! Keep up the great content on your blog!

  7. I don't make resolutions, I make goals that I want to accomplish this year. It's really motivating to try and improve yourself each year, don't you think? Happy New Year! Keep the awesome blog posts coming!


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