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Friday, January 1, 2016

First Foot at New Year

Scottish citizens often repeat a Northern English folklore where the first foot in the home is the first person to enter the home of a household on New Years Day will be a bringer of good future for the coming year. The first footer may be a resident of the house if they were not in the house at the stroke of midnight that morning. Many desire the first footer to be a tall, dark haired male. If it is a lady or man with fair hair that is the first footer that is often considered unlucky.

The tale shares that the first footer brings along several gifts of bread, salt, coal, as well as a drink of whisky. These gifts all represent financial prosperity, food, flavor, warmth, and good cheer. This Scottish tradition is often elaborate and involves subsequent entertainment.

Greek traditons have a similar visitor that either brings luck with them. Good luck or bad depends on who they are and what they bring. The lady of the hat will greet the guest with Christmas treats or pays them to ensure good luck will meet their home in the year.

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