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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Giveaways We Entered 7/12

When I was a kid I wore bell bottoms and high tops with two different laces. I was in style to me and looked cool as well (at least I thought so) These shoes take me right back to those days and yes I still think the punk look is awesome. You can enter to win a pair of these great shoes on the blog An Island Life. The shoes are from
The giveaway ends 7/26/2012

Princess loves her videos in fact we try to keep her up to date with lots of great new ones. I entered a giveaway to win a DVD that I think her and her brother will both love if we happen to win.

This giveaway is located at the blog An Island Life and you can enter to win this giveaway that ends 7/25/12

I just hate it when the little ones are sick. I love to hold them and cuddle with them and try to make them all better but oh my how sad when they have a fever and the battle it takes to see how high their temp may be. Now it has become easier with a new thermomter method from mothers touch. It simply is placed on childs forehead and the temp is taken instantly

You can win your own by entering the giveaway on the blog An Island Life Giveaway ends 7/24/12

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