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Friday, July 13, 2012

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday an easy and fun way to stay in touch with other bloggers. It is a day of rest in Hawaii to prepare for the busy weekend. The blog An Island Life host Aloha Friday where bloggers ask simle questions and fellow bloggers can answer by giving a simple answer. How awesome is this?

Since we are preparing to do a bit of redecorating, roofing, putting new windows in the house etc.. our question today is

If you could redo any room in your house what room would it be and what would you do?


  1. well, i would want to get a HOUSE first... and out of this apartment... then, the living room first, as people see it :)

  2. I'm redoing my studio right now. Ripped up the carpet, patched holes in the concrete foundation and stained the concrete. I'm adding a taupe colored painted strip a few inches from the wall with a coat of sealer to top it all off. I was over the carpet. long ago. LOL

  3. I just re-did my family room. I think my exterior needs in more than the interior at this point.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I 'd do our living room. And I want a few bookcases to hold all our books :) We love reading!!

  5. The one room that NEEDS to be redone is our kitchen - and we're actually talking plans to get started this weekend since we've been wanting to remove the drop ceiling the former owners put in to bring the ceilings back up the the original 10-foot stature, and replace the cupboard doors and counter top. If we could afford it, I would gut the whole kitchen and start from scratch! :)

    The Sears Auto Center Incident

  6. Oh, I have a lot of rooms I'd love to change.

    One would be my spare bedroom I'd change it into a sewing/craft room.

    Actually, love to redo whole house. But that is for another day.

    Thanks for visiting my AF

  7. It would probably be my older daughter's room. I would paint it lavender and put in hard wood floors.


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