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Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Banz Provides Safety In The Sun

I love the sun as well as the person next to me but I also have first hand knowledge of the dangers the sun can do. We all love to be in the sun from time to time and well we should it is our first source of vitamin D. We all need vitamin D in our diet as it helps us to absorb calcium to ensure we have strong healthy bones. Kids love to be outside in the summer time riding bikes, swimming and simply playing and while we sould encourage them to go outside and have a bit of fun we want to make sure that they are well protected from the dangers of the sun. Repeated unprotected sun exposure and its ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system and suppression and skin cancer.  Kids can rack up a lifetime of sun exposure before their 18th birthday and therefore as parents we should teach our children how to enjoy fun in the sun as well as practice safety.

Baby Banz has developed a few new products that will help us to ensure our children are safe from those dangerous uv rays. Since the products are classy and easy to use kids should love them as well.

Baby Banz Suncreen Combo! - SPF 40 Sunscreen 4oz - Cherry Lip Balm SPF 30. The Perfect Pair for Summer Fun in the Sun!
Before going out in the sun be sure to don a bit of sunscreen to protect your skin. Baby Banz has developed a ultra broad spectrum sun ray protection for young sensitive skin that offers maximum protection lotion for 8 hours of waterproof protection In the water or not your child will be protected. Offering longer protection that other sunblocks with an aloe vera formulation that moisturizes sun sensitive skin.
Baby Banz sent us this awesome travel pack so that no matter where we go we will be ready. The
-One 1.5oz tube of SPF 30 Sunscreen
-One 2oz Aloe Gator After Sun Lotion
-One 2oz Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Beads
-One SPF 30 Cherry Lip Balm with Carabiner
The sunscreen is Aloe Gator SPF30 sunblock and is oil and PABA free. Easy on yours and your childs skin. THey will enjoy the fact that the sunscreen is both non greasy, water resistant and also dries quickly. Whether in the water or not the sunscreen will help protect your child. A bonus is that the travel size clip bottle that is great for travel and all the activities that your are busy doing. 
The lip balm is tasy cherry flavor that helps to moisturize and protect lips from dryness and sun damage. The balm is PABA free and has added aloe and vitamin E.

We all feel a bit out of it after we have had a day in the sun. That is where the Aloe Gator After Sun Lotion comes in  with a soothing moisturizing that helps after the sun and offers a great protection against the effects of exposure to sun and wind. Softens the skin with 9 botanical etracts while the aloe vera and vitamin E helps to restore moisture, promote healing and help prevent peeling. 

Baby Banz hand sanitizer moistens hands using Jojoba beads. Cleaning and softening hands at the same time.

Our thoughts: The bundle is an awesome package that offers protection from the sun, the effects of after sun and even bacteria. We believe that a package like this is something that is important to have whether you pack it in the suitcase, beach bag or car compartment it is meant to be taken on vacation, pool or any where that your child will be in the sun.

You can purchase this Baby Banz travel pack from their website for an awesome price of $19.99

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