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Friday, December 2, 2011

Ready for A Barn Raising

Feeling a bit nostalgic right now. Thinking about the times that the entire family would get together to help each other out and the holiday celebrations were large. While feeling this way and looking up a recipe for a get together we will be having I came across this systamtic recipe for a Barn Raising on . We live near a large Amish community where barn raisings are common. If you visit the settlement at times you will see the community getting together to help others get done what needs to get done. To me I wish there was more of this for everyone.


Read more about it at,1910,157184-248199,00.html
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This bit of information was found in a quaint, old handwritten recipe book from Great-grandmother's day. It is included here mainly for the purpose of giving us a peep into the past. As many of us know, a "barn raising" was quite an event during those early years. When a new barn was built, all the friends and neighbors came on the specified day to help put up the framework of the barn. This policy is still carried out in some communities where neighbors are neighborly. Homemakers of our day will no doubt be astounded at all the food consumed in one day. What is more difficult to believe is that it was all made in Great-grandmother's kitchen. Here is the list as I found it:

115 lemon pies
500 fat cakes (doughnuts)
15 lg. cakes
3 gallons applesauce
3 gallons rice pudding
3 gallons cornstarch pudding
16 chickens
3 hams
50 lb. roast beef
300 light rolls
16 loaves bread
Red beet pickle and pickled eggs
Cucumber pickle
6 lb. dried prunes, stewed
1 lg. crock stewed raisins
5 gallon stone jar white potatoes and the same amount of sweet potatoes

Enough food for 175 men.

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