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Friday, December 2, 2011

Pickle Rolls

I had these recently at a get together then had a friend share that she made them for her family Thanksgiving. I thought maybe I would share it because it is easy to prepare and very tasty appetizer or side dish

1 pkg. (6 oz.) Oscar Mayer boiled ham slices
1 container (8 oz.) Philadelphia brand soft cream cheese
8 med. size Claussen fresh Kosher dill pickles

Spread one side of each ham slice with 1 tablespoon cream cheese. Place a pickle on edge of each ham slice. Roll ham slice around pickle; press edges to seal. Cover; refrigerate 1 hour. Cut each piece into 6 slices. Serve with assorted vegetable dippers, cheese and olives. Makes 4 dozen. Preparation time: 10 minutes plus refrigerating

1 comment:

  1. Wow! This is the first time I've seen anyone besides my family make these!! I grew up on them, LOVE them!!
    We slice the pickles, kind of a pickle pinwheel, and they are always the first appetizer to dissapear! So good : )


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