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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Popular Toy Item Xia Xia Pets

Xia Xia sounds like a name that belongs either hundreds of centuries ago or somewhere in the future. It is actually the name of some fun filled characters. My family loves to go into the designer shops at the malls and see the hermit crabs. Sometimes they look super cute other times the give me the jimmys. That is why we have never owned our own hermit crab. Xia Xia gives my kids the opportunity to have the next best thing. Cepia, LLC has debuted the ewest toy craze that is already on the Toys 'R US list of Hot Holiday Toys for 2011: Xia-Xia.

Xia Xia is pronounced Shah-Shah they are four colorful, skitter-scattering pitter pattering loveable, crazy hermit crabs with interchangeabe shells and kooky friends to collect and trade. Their story is that they come from faraway land of xia-topia, these bright crustaceans that sport a Carnivale theme in both color and spirit. They are happy to dance and play all day long. These little friends all have a wild and wacky shell fashions, silly faces, and a funny little wobby shuffle. They allow the feeling of caring for a real hermit crab but allow sthe child to spend the imagination

Princess was ready to go it was so very exciting to her. The excitement over the large box that had arrived contained crabs, playsets and shells. We would spend the day playing and exploring. I loved it as she made friends with the family of xia xia.

The super fun colors of the crabs and shells and the playful features that they all had were just a bit different. It was fun to watch her as she decided who was in charge and what this one or that one said.

The play places that the Xia Xia have are awesome as well. Providing even more imagination power to the fun that the Xia Xia pets share. Alone or with friends fun is to be had for sure Choose from teh Confetti Cottage Play Set, The Copacabana Play Set and the Rio de Trio Village Play Set all with their own characteristics.

We invited guest over to share in the fun of the Xia Xia pets. They all loved them as much as Princess did and we had lots of fun. Each guest was able to leave with a pet of their own to start thier own collection. They look forward to buildig their own collection as much as they had fun playing along with us. I am sure your little pet collector would have lots of fun as well.

A big thank you to Xia-Xia and MomSelect for allowing us the opportunity and sending us the xia xia pets to review

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